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NCIPL´S emPOWERed Program offers comprehensive information and paths to make your congregation energy efficient. Explore the resources here, or go to HOW and schedule an event to learn more about what NCIPL can do to support your congregation to go green.


Tell us about your facilities and congregation so we can offer tailored support for your needs.

Which is your utility provider?


Identify your utility provider.


Use the map for help, or take a look at your electricity bill.


Is it a company,  a city or an electric cooperative?

Now check the opportunities already available below!

Savings Store


Buy discounted energy-efficiency products online. You will need to prove you are a Duke customer to purchase here.

Lower My Bill Toolkit


Offers information on energy use through assessments, creating an energy online profile, flexible payment options, and incentives to save energy.

Duke | Progress offers several programs in the  'homes or small businesses' cathegory that work for congregations, too. Check them out here:

Smart $aver


Offers incentives and rebates on lighting, HVAC systems, and others to offset the upfront cost of the upgrade. You can also find a trade ally, which are trained in this program.

Small Business

Energy Saver

LIME ENERGY will perform an on-site small business energy assessment, provide a detailed report with recommended upgrades & a proposal to perform the upgrade work.

NC Solar Rebate Program (HB589)


Duke Energy is, for a limited time, offering rebates for solar energy installation. Congregations can install solar without upfront costs through lessors, and receive the premium rebate product. Learn more in the link below or book a

Solar 101 event with NCIPL to receive customized information

Dominion energy

Online Profile

Register and create a profile with Dominion, to establish a relationship with the utility and participate in their offerings..

Understanding your bill

"View the sample bill below and the details for each numbered item below the image. The bill sample helps explain how you are billed for the electricity you use each month."

Dominion Energy offers energy assessments, rebates, incentives and energy conservation programs. Learn more on the links.

Billling Options

Offers budget billing for places of worship. The congregation pays the same amount every month as a result of the average of previous 12 months.

Small Business


A contractor will perform an on-site energy assessment of your facility and recommend upgrades, which can have a part of its cost refunded upon proof of installation.

Energy Conservation Programs


These programs promote the installation of lighting systems & controls, heating & cooling efficiency, as well as rebates for energy efficiency improvements made in your facility. Some of the available measures include duct testing and sealing, HVAC system tune-up, and upgrades to refrigeration systems and commercial kitchen appliances.

electric co-ops

Empower me NC

This interactive map helps you identify your energy co-op by zip code and find opportunities for your needs.

Co-op representative

Send a message with your information and the name of your cooperative, to be contacted by a representative that can give you support and explain tools and resources for you.

There are 26 Electric Cooperatives in NC. Each one has diverse solutions to your needs. Start on the first link, then learn more about what your co-op has to offer.


Piedmont Electric


This co-op offers free energy audits, smarthub to monitor your daily energy usage, ways to save money, payment options, electric vehicle benefits and community solar. Check them out!

Carolina Country


"Monthly regional magazine devoted to members of North Carolina's Touchstone Energy co-ops, ...} delivering helpful and interesting information about their cooperatives and communities."

NC Electric  Cooperatives Website


Great resource for more information on what electric cooperatives are, what it means to be a member-owner and more.

"As electric cooperatives, our service is to provide electricity, but our purpose is to support and empower our members and communities through economic development and community outreach. We strive not only to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity, but also to make a difference."


Electricities Communities


92 public power communities are Electricities members. Look at the map to identify if your congregation is part of an Electricity community.

Issues & Policy


"Learn about issues and any corresponding bills that could impact public power communities."

ElectriCities of NC is a membership organization of municipally owned electric utilities spread across NC, SC, and VA. See what they offer here.

Residential Services


You might want to check their residential services either, depending on the size of your congregation. They offer similar products to the non-residential customers of their member communities.

Non-residential services

Electricities offers energy audits, renewable/solar power consultation, rate review and consultation, among other services to customers of its member communities.

TempTracker 365™


Our TempTracker 365™ tool records daily high and low temperatures in our member communities so you can see weather trends in your area. You can use this tool to create monthly calendars with historical weather data and identify which days, weeks, or months were extremely hot or cold, causing heating and cooling systems to run longer.

That's not all! Explore more resources and see what NCIPL's partners offer below.




"This workbook is intended to serve as a resource and planning guide for clergy, staff, and laypersons of houses of worship who want to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities by implementing realistic and cost-effective energy improvement projects."


Faith Climate Action Week is a yearly  nationwide event by National IPL. In 2019 it will focus on how we can take action to protect our climate. "We will find joy and rejuvenation in the natural world and reconnect to why we love and protect our planet."


Network of people of faith and congregations to promote creation care. Their resources page offers a Creation Care toolkit, studies and reflections.


This program is brought to you by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, in partnership with Energy Sage, to offer online quotes from multiple, pre-screened local solar installers. It "helps you compare the offers in an apples-to-apples format, so you get the best deal."


National IPL and its 40 state-affiliates encourage congregations of all faiths to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change. They offer Start-up Kits for both congregations and individuals that provide guidance through this process, and ultimately be recognized for your accomplishments.


"Greenhound connects organizations that want to go green and save on their electricity costs with pre-vetted solutions providers that can deliver the best value."


NC Sustainable Energy Association offers a comprehensive website with information about energy efficiency and much more. Check them out!


"We are a special group of 50+ quality solar PV installers, integrators, EPCs and developers who openly share and collaborate on a wide range of business topics from operational efficiencies to sales and marketing strategies. Members experience the benefits of co-owning a large national cooperative, such as purchasing power and project financing, while remaining independently owned and operated. Amicus was founded in 2011 with the goal of supporting regional smaller solar companies by leveraging national scale and collective brainpower. Amicus is jointly-owned and democratically managed by its members."


"Cool Harvest is a food, faith and climate program by Interfaith Power & Light, a nonprofit organization inspiring a religious response to global warming. It is for congregations interested in responding to climate change through educating their members about climate-friendly food choices and engaging them in activities, such as organic gardening, that can inspire and have a positive impact."


"Free Earth care resources designed especially for congregations." You will find lots of solar energy information, study guides and sustainability manuals here!


"The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency is the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency at the federal, state, local, and utility levels." Check the incentives and policies for North Carolina here.


Certified B Corporation that "combines state-of-the-art solar technology with an innovative business model to make commercial scale solar readily affordable, helping customers to realize the economic, environmental and community benefits of solar energy."