How do we put our faith in action?

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Let us show you the ropes to living lightly on Earth.

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Learn how to take advantage of HB589, Community Solar, RECs, incentives and rebates for your congregation. See success stories and get ready to go solar!


Eating is among the most intimate ways that we interact with our world. It is also at the heart of many faith narratives--and our relationship to our changing climate. What and how we eat affects the health of our planet and communities. What we waste does as well. But food is also healing! Learn more about how our relationship to food and food waste can be transformed into one of the most hope-filled climate responses there is by booking our Food & Faith 101 presentation. 



Learn how to unlock the energy efficiency of your house of worship, and lower your energy bills. Then keep track of it all, you might even be awarded for it!


It is important to hear the message of climate change proclaimed in our sacred spaces. Our Program Coordinator, Sarah Ogletree, offers her services as a preacher to help congregations in this important work. Sarah holds her Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Wake Forest University School of Divinity, is the 2018 Emerging Earth Care Leader Award recipient, and is a 2019 Re:Generate Fellow. Learn more about Sarah, here


What makes climate change an issue of morality? How do our faith stories help us engage in this work and think about these problems?

Our Faith & Climate 101 presentation considers climate change as a theological issue with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and mobilizing faith communities in the work of climate justice. 

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