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What does faith have to do with climate change, or the environment?

As people of faith, we hold the power of hope and truth seeking in our hands. Our lives find purpose and are rooted in our scriptures, ethic, and moral code. Let us share our own power and light with the world.


To understand how greenhouse gases are making the planet warm, watch this video that was made for kids, before the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Then zoom in to the Eastern US region, to see Katherine Hayhoe describing what climate change is causing in your region. Southeastern US is covered from minute 3:45.


Her video is based on the National Assessment made by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, found here.

From here, look at these infographics showing climage change effects all around the globe. Look around your community and see which of these already apply...


Need more data? Check the resources that The Climate Advocacy Lab provides for North Carolina...

climate advocacy lab.png

... or read an in-depth explanation on climate change and its effects on the planet at the Natural Resources Defense Council website.

OK but... what does my faith have to do with it?
Then check those out

Don't miss these interfaith resources on Creation Care!

Watch this

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe explains the limitations of science, potential of religion and why both should join hands in dealing with the greatest challenge ever faced by humanity. She also cites several religious declarations about our duty to care for creation. >
Listen to this

Peter Harris, founder of the international Christian NGO  "A Rocha", talks about Climate Change and the American church.  >

"Why are you here on earth? To behold."

(Anaxagonous of Klazomenae)

IPL Religious Statements on climate change

Thomas Berry &

The Great Work

Alliance of Religions and Conservation


Blessed Tomorrow

Prayers for Creation from many different faith traditions

Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale

Hospitable Planet

Faith, Action, and Climate Change

Journey of the Universe

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